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UC Berkeley-specific Resources
  • Identity Resources
    Includes design and editorial style guides, plus downloadable files (photos, fonts, seal, and more)

Navigation, Architecture, Accessability and Usability

  • Acessibility at UCB

Photography and Scanning


Style Guides

  • Yale Style Manual Style guide for creating web pages. (Think Chicago Manual for the web.)


(Also see Webnet's Website Accessibility site.)

Web Color

Web Design

  • Lynda.Com by Lynda Weinman (Scroll down to the Free Resources heading.) Their mission is helping media designers and communicators understand how to use professional tools and design to enhance visual communication through web, print, and motion graphics.
  • Web Pages That Suck Learn about good design by looking at bad design. Highly irreverent but very informative.

Web Development

  • RESTful Web Services (O'Reilly's Safari on-line book): Chapter entitled "Ajax Applications as REST Clients"

THANK YOU to numerous individuals for these resource items, including: Gina Blednyh, Stella Bourgoin, Nancy Capell, Fleur Helsingor, Jeanne Moje, Kalle Nemvalts, Aron Roberts, Kathleen Phillips Satz, Pat Soberanis, and Parshaw Vaziri.

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