Webnet members discuss current Web topics via an active electronic mailing list webnet-list@berkeley.edu.

Mailing list policy

The Webnet mailing list is only for discussion of issues that affect web issues at the University of California at Berkeley campus, and and is not to be used for commercial announcements by outside parties or any other unrelated purposes.

Subscribing to the list

Subscribers are limited to UC Berkeley associated people. You can subscribe your email address to a list in one step. Use a web browser, like Firefox, and connect to:


On this page, you will be asked "Find information about a list". Just type in the name of the mail list, webnet-list@lists.berkeley.edu, and press "Search". The next screen will provide more details about the list and let you subscribe yourself to the mailing list.

You can also join a mailing list by sending mail addressed to:


You do not need to type in a subject or a message, Mailman (the CalNet lists software) will take it from there. You will then receive an e-mail back from Mailman asking you to confirm your request to belong to the list. Just return that mail message, to confirm your email address, and you will be subscribed to the mailing list.

Be sure to send this message from the e-mail address from which you wish to subscribe.

Unsubscribing from the list

You can unsubscribe from a mailing list, by using a web browser to connect to:


This page has an "Unsubscribe" section that you can use to unsubscribe yourself from the mailing list.

You can also unsubscribe from a Mailman mailing list by sending mail to:


If you encounter problems, please contact the list owner, webnet-list-owner@lists.berkeley.edu and ask them to unsubscribe you.

Be sure to send this message from the e-mail address from which you wish to unsubscribe.

Sending mail to the list's members

To send ("broadcast") a message that will be read by all of the members of the Webnet mailing list, address your message to webnet-list@berkeley.edu.

Other mailing list commands

For a list of the other Webnet mailing list functions you can perform, send an e-mail message whose body consists of the single line of text:


to majordomo@listlink.berkeley.edu .

Contacting a human regarding the list

If you should have problems or questions regarding the Webnet mailing list, you can contact the administrator at webnet-list@berkeley.edu.

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